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Forensic scanner

As a result of R&D project, a system which supports the forensic examination of documents (CADE: Computer Aided Document Examination) was developed. This system consists of a hardware component (scanning device) and a software platform, that assist the expert in the whole process of document examination, from data collection, through processing, analysis and visualization, resulting in the fi nal report.

An open architecture, which uses repository and plug-in modules, was proposed for the fl exibility of the system. The repository organizes research material, results of analysis and the processing parameters. Specifi c plug-ins control the specialized scanning equipment, process the optical images, surface topography, spectral and light scattering data as well as present the results. The developed architecture, with already implemented broad selection of functions, could be extended by the end-user.

Additional fl exibility of the CADE system, is provided by the modularity of the scanning hardware. Its design is based on precise drives in the XYZ coordinates, responsible for manipulation of interchangeable optical heads. Depending on the research needs, specialized acquisition systems could be confi gured, including microscopy lenses, laser triangulation, confocal chromatic, as well as spectral or scattering sensors.

For advanced users and sophisticated applications we off er specialized extensions entailing optical sensors and processing algorithms.