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2D images


The in-house developed software allows direct import of digital photos and scans of documents. The hardware allows acquisition of document images in macro and micro scale up to x400. Special illumination techniques could be used to emphasize the features of writing, such as glitter, paper topography deformations and changes in writing pastes density.

Image processing

Processing of 2D images, by using linear and nonlinear filters or sharpening as well as the user-defined convolution and morphological filters allows to highlight the desired writing features. The developed functionality could be augmented by additional specialized plug-ins, such as deconvolution, sharpening, color separation, skeletonizing, adaptive methods of segmentation, etc. Those unique features are responsible for the superiority of the forensic scanner, over the most advanced graphics editing programs.

Analysis and visualization

The implemented special analytical modules allow investigation of the depth of writing relief, chromaticity of text objects, the graphlogical dimensioning. The proper interpretation and presentation of results is provided by a universal visualization module with the following properties: false color, 3D maps or CIE maps, etc. The quantitative tools are integral part of the software.